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Recently I watched a documentary of the history of Pixar and, at the end, it did not surprise me a lot. Now you start thinking why... And the answer is simple: 

Behind the scenes the formula of success is always the same --- 90% perspiration, 10% inspiration --- You wanna pursue a dream? Be prepared to sweat, fall, celebrate, sweat, fall and celebrate (buy an individual matress in the all-nighters department too). That is the magic loop of every entrepreneur.


John Lasseter sowed the first seeds of what Pixar would become while he was a student at CalArts with the production of two animated shorts: Lady and the Lamp (1979) and Nitemare (1980), both awarded with the student Academy Award for Animation.

He joined The Walt Disney Company as an animator and was fired due to his growing infatuation with computer motion, in an institution where traditional hand-drawn animation had never been call into question.
Fortunately, this typical visionary chapter ended up with a series of success in a row: Toy Story (I and II), A Bug's Life, Cars (I and II) and Disney fell in love with Lasseter again -and purchased Pixar in April 2006-.

Toy Story


Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want to come with me and change the world?

(Steve Jobs to John Sculley, president of PepsiCo)

The story of Apple and Steve Jobs (by the way also chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios) doesn´t differ so much. Jobs created Apple, got fired by John Sculley (the one that Jobs hired as a CEO) and returned to Apple taking control of the company when this was near bankruptcy after having failed to deliver its operating system. 

apple vintage

During the 11 years apart from Apple, Steve Jobs admitted his error hiring John Sculley as a CEO and Sculley admitted his lack of let´s-change-the-world attitude on behalf of the company benefits.

Mac G3

Luckily, thanks to Jobs focus on future innovation, Apple overcame the one-time crisis of profitability and brought into life the iGeneration.


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