Puppy cute is the new marketing tool

Milly Ralph Lauren instagram

Brands are changing their mannequins for these loveable pups. This phenomenon responds to their effectiveness to capture the audiences attention and their hearts. Are dogs the new influencers?


The facekini, from ‘weird photo of the day’ to fashion trend?

facekini Cordon Press

These ladies are not mexican wrestlers. They’re wearing the increasingly popular “facekinis”, an item that made it to the Time magazine back in 2012 as one of the most incredible images from around the world. Since then, the Japanese born headwear has become a beach sensation in China, and last April, on World Earth Day, this group of models surprised the world posing with them in a rice plantation in Loudi, China. The main goal was to promote local tourism. But add in the ‘facekinis’ and you’ve got yourself a viral!


Joe Caslin’s quiet, emotional giant murals

joe caslin mural photo william murphy

Ireland is only a few weeks away from the referendum, and the debate is at its peak. With all of the noise, getting your own message out there is not an easy task. So artist and teacher Joe Caslin has decided to go big. His emotional murals are appearing quietly, but are massive think pieces.


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